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Other rivers

In addition to the previously mentioned rivers we organise trips also on the Rivers of Piusa and Koiva.

River of Piusa

This river can be driven along only in spring! On the River Piusa canoe trips we invite only professionals. Only those people can compete with this river, which have a lot of experience in passing fast-current rivers and rivers with many obstacles. 

The drive takes place in spring during the first high water only during one-two days in a year. In other times there is not enough water in the river. In summer time the upper course of the River of Piusa is not passable by a canoe at all.


It is worth repeating that this river is not for the beginners!*

River of Koiva


This river is passable with a canoe during the whole season. The river is wide and with fast flow. 

The river is located partially in Estonia and partially in Latvia. During the trip we will pass the border point on the river! The duration of the trip is 1 day on the side of Estonia and several days on the side of Latvia. 

The river is bordered by beautiful sand outcrops. Depending on the season one can also pass some rapids. During the big water they are not seen as they lay under the water. 

Suitable river for multiple day trips.