Trips on South-Estonian and other various rivers

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VeeTee has been organizing trips on rivers and lakes since 1994. Everything takes place under close supervision of experienced instructors who have been to many safety and quality oriented trainings.

For having a fun trip, there are a few suggestions:

  • Take on a good mood and a sober head

  • I'ts important to have a friendly, helpful and pleasant company

  • Clothing appropriate for the weather

  • Listen to the instructors!

All trips are organized as well as possible with considerations to clients wishes

Trips take place in any weather -"theres no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing"

The cloths should be chosen with the weather in mind. Its good to have them as sporty as possible.

All trip prices include equipment (boat, paddle, lifevest), briefing and a picnic.

In addition to the trips shown here, there are many other rivers and lakes in Estonia to have trips on. This kind of trips take place on mutual agreement.

Trip Prices

Trips start from 20 €

Rafting on Võhandu 20 €  / per person

Ahja 20 €  / per person / 1day

Kooraste Lakes 20 €  / per person / 1day

Võhandu river 20 €  / per person / 1day

Children on all trips 10 € / day (has to sit on the middle seat)

children up to 6 year old free

Prices include:

  • canoe
  • paddle
  • lifevest
  • briefing

Also possible to order

  • Light lunch (soup, pastry, tea) price 3 € person.

prices without taxes!