River of Ahja

The River of Ahja is with its calm flow and beautiful nature the best place for the beginners canoe riders. On the other hand in springtime high water time the River of Ahja is of much faster flow and is suitable only for people with previous canoeing experience. The River of Ahja can be passed only with a canoe or single raft, as it is situated in an ancient valley of the River Ahja and is relatively narrow.

Here and there the high slopes of the ancient valley expose as sandstone cliffs that are called buffs (pae) and sky chambers (taevaskoda). The river has rapids as well as quieter places, as for example the beautiful mill lake of Kiidjärve. The cool river with many springs offers unforgettable and romantic experiences for hikers.

One-day trips are organised on the most interesting and variable section of the River of Ahja!

The river is suitable as for one- and two-day trips.

See the map: Ahja river